California is just too weird
Friday November 17th 2006, 7:33 pm
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Okay, I’ve lived in northern California for almost 20 years. I’m almost used to the Christmas-lights-in-the-palm-trees weirdness. But today’s front page photo! Picture a cake with white frosting with two lines of candles marching in a circle. Now: the cake is an ice-skating rink in a park, and the candles are palm trees. Tall, towering palm trees. Which die if they freeze. Bordered by ice to both sides just outside their cutout space. Exactly what image was someone trying to convey? Is this park mocking all the people who wear super-skimpy clothes when the San Francisco fog is rolling in and it’s downright chilly, but hey, this is California, so it’s hot, right? The down-jackets-and-Birki-sandals image? Will those palms drop coconuts on the iceskaters’ heads?

Totally nonpsychodegradeable. (My stars. I’m beginning to sound like my kids. Like, tew-tuhtallyyyyy…)

So, where are my ancient-by-now skates? Let’s go!

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You started a blog?! And you didn’t post about it to knittingmothers? Or was I just too up to my ears in babies to notice?

It’s great to finally see so much of your lace instead of just reading about it.

Comment by Michelle 11.18.06 @ 6:33 pm

Thank you! Actually, I was only briefly sub’ed to KM; I had my book to work on, with all those dozens of shawls to knit and stories to write down, and there were only so many hours in a day.

My hubby decided I needed a blog, and set one up whether I wanted one or no. There: now go write something! I’m so glad he ignored my protests.

Meantime, enjoy those little ones. I love having older kids, and joke with them that they could put *me* in the grocery cart these days (the tallest being 6’9″ to my 5’5″.) But there’s nothing quite like the bouncy, cheerful hug of a small child.

Comment by AlisonH 11.18.06 @ 10:55 pm

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