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Monday October 02nd 2006, 11:26 pm
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Now, let me tell you about that persimmon/coral scarf there, and why I made it the color I did. I hopped out of bed one day last week and set up the dyepot on the stove before I did anything else, having figured out just what I wanted it to be. I couldn’t wait to see it become what I was picturing!

I didn’t already tell the story because first I emailed my brother and sister-in-law to make sure I’d gotten the story right. Which came back very funny: no, SHE did this, I did THAT. But the core of the story was right on. And it is this:

My parents had long since given up on my younger brother ever getting married. And he didn’t want to be bugged about it. So it was a complete surprise to them when he phoned them to tell them what the girl he was going out with (Mom: he’s dating?!) had done.

They were supposed to have a date one particular evening. But, it turns out, Bryan’s apartment building just happened to be on fire. Larisa showed up at his place, looking for him, couldn’t find him in the crowd milling around, so when the firemen weren’t looking, she dashed past them to run into his place to save him. She saw no sign of him and came back out, and finally, very gratefully, I’m sure, found him–he was busy trying to find out what had happened to HER, meantime.

And Mom was saying, he has to marry her! Nobody else could possibly live up to that story!

And, actually, yes, they did get married. But just before their wedding, it was his birthday, and I, living near the redwood forests, found the perfect birthday card. It was a picture of a small boy looking up in complete awe at a giant sequoia. Open the card, and there were the words, “It’s your birthday. Time to count the rings.”

So you know who that diamond pattern scarf had to be for (although I still gave her her choice; she did pick that one.) I dyed it the color of the soft flames crackling in a fireplace on a romantic evening in their dream home they recently finished building. I’m a month or so late with it, but hey, you guys: happy anniversary.

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I loved the story and the symbolism (and oh, yes, mustn’t forget the bunny butts from the last blog.)

Comment by Lynn 10.03.06 @ 8:05 am

Thank you! Notice the newer yarn’s tag has a much smaller bunny and the same sealing-wax edge. I remember when putting sealing wax on personal letters was The Thing To Do, in the early 70’s when I was sending them to a pen pal; I wonder if the post office would even process such an envelope now, and how many people my college kids’ ages would even recognize the stuff. Or would they just think the wavy edge is the design of the tag, end of story. Hadn’t thought of any of that in ages till I looked at that yarn.

Comment by AlisonH 10.05.06 @ 4:38 pm

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