Carpet diem! Seizure day!
Monday October 16th 2006, 10:37 pm
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Watch out, these guys at Stanford’ll just floor you. And see what
happens when you hand my hubby a camera phone? Dangerous, I tell you.
Alison with head wired

(Editoral note from the Hubby who is posting this for her: Alison is unfortunately in Stanford Hospital for observation for possibly several days. Those who know her well know she does not complain, but she has not been doing her best. This time they are just observing her. I will try to maintains some updates for her while she is in the body shop for diagnostics. Here are a few pictures I took as they hooked her up for monitoring. She selected these from a set of pictures I took. She ended up looking a bit like a pre-halloween mummy look if you ask me.

Alison with head wired

Maybe her brain just got jealous of all the time I put into bring the server back to life and it wanted more attention of its own? Maybe It wants an CPU upgrade? Our youngest thinks she looks like she had a brain transplant in a bad science fiction movie. Maybe it is one to many pattern in the brain? It’s been 28 years and I still don’t have a clue. But I will probably get spoken to about my comments)

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Thanks Richard. You are all in my prayers.

Comment by fiberfanatic 10.18.06 @ 1:11 am

Feel better soon Alison!

Comment by Niki 10.18.06 @ 7:04 am

I hope you feel better soon and that at least you are up to knitting while you are there. The photos are great – I don’t look that good when I’m NOT in the hospital!

Comment by Allison 10.18.06 @ 7:17 am

Hi Alison, I’m a lurky reader, I hope you feel better soon…

Comment by janel 10.18.06 @ 7:43 am

Alison, I am praying for you! Your attitude is such an inspiration to me–that sweet smile says so much. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, and I hope your doctors find just the right things to do for you.

Comment by Joni 10.18.06 @ 9:10 am

Feel better soon! You’ll be in my thoughts.

Comment by Kat with a K 10.18.06 @ 9:48 am

Best wishes Alison. I hope you feel better very soon.
(ps: I just discovered your blog).

Comment by Mary Anne 10.18.06 @ 10:07 am

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Alison. And RAOK are happening with you as the inspiration. Did you hear that last Sunday, Kathie from FL on the KnitTalk list alisoned her minister? (Gave her a stole)

Comment by Anne 10.18.06 @ 11:50 am

sending lots of good energy your way!

Comment by pippi 10.18.06 @ 1:52 pm

I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the observation.

Comment by LisaK 10.18.06 @ 3:45 pm

Oh Alissoooooooonnnnnnnnn…I love the picture with the cap. It makes you look like Sister Bertrille without the winged part. (I know, what’s a nice Mormon girl doing watching the flying nun? You could have…)Lisa K alerted me and here I am on the prayer circuit for YOU. Richard…Good on ya for posting the embarrassing pictures. You guys crack me up. Alison, sit still and log all of your stories for the NEXT book.

I’ll breathe some good Maryland air for you at the end of the month. No pinching the cute doctors.

Love you…Lisa

Comment by Lisa S 10.18.06 @ 4:16 pm

Here’s sending you lots of cyber hugs!

Comment by Holly 10.18.06 @ 4:26 pm

Blessings and great thoughts….You are a *light being*!
You will be in my heart, mind and prayers….Come home soon.
I say thanks as well Richard.

Comment by Sheila E 10.18.06 @ 5:05 pm

Thank you for the updates, Richard; send Alison all our love. Hey, tell her that if she gets better, there’s another pair of socks in it for her! That’ll get her on her feet (lol) again.


Comment by Kristine in VT 10.18.06 @ 5:54 pm

I love you, Alison! I am praying for you.

Comment by Janet 10.19.06 @ 10:01 pm

26 years, dear, and one of dating before that. Lol! And thank you for everything. And to everybody, thank you so much for the warmth, support, and notes and comments. It has all been very greatly appreciated.

Comment by AlisonH 10.20.06 @ 5:44 pm

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